Staying Home is Awesome, Too

Staying Home is Awesome, Too

Although I’m all for going out and travelling in the recent years, I still crave over and over again to be at home most of the time. I’m a homebody since I was a kid due to my parents’ restriction of playing outside. I rarely go out and school was the only place before where I could gain some friends. But that doesn’t mean I am a full-fledged sheltered kid back then.

However, I didn’t say no to that restrictions, and in fact, I enjoyed it. Up until now, I still enjoy staying at home despite some boring moments I’ve encountered.

Home is still the best place you can run to when everything seems so wrong and pointless. It is a place where you can be yourself – aside from staying with some crazy friends – and not care about anything. A comfortable place where there are no inhibitions and where you start doing almost everything you want to do.

Here are some of the things I enjoy the most when I’m home, and hopefully, you’ll find them enjoyable too.

You have a lot of time to sleep well


Yes, this elusive sleep since college days is one of my favorite activities at home. Sleeping is not a waste of time – someone said that it’s not worth the time – and it will not hurt a little bit if you indulge more time on your bed with some shuteye and a visit to dream land. These days, sleep is one of the precious things we should not take for granted.

Sleep deprivation can lead to some health problems like stroke and heart disease. WebMD, a web medical journal, also mentioned that lack of sleep can kill sex drive. If you don’t want that to happen on your lifestyle, then have a decent sleep. Of course, excessive sleep can also cause some problems like headache and contribute to obesity. Oversleeping can also lead to death.

Tell you what, sleep when it’s time to sleep. Don’t force to stay up too late when your eyes and body are calling you to take a rest. Sleep in moderation, folks.

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You can catch up on your reading sessions


Staying at home can give you more time to focus on your pending books on the shelf. This is the time to consume some vocabulary words and immerse yourself with the story and characters. Home is where you can really comfortably read, because there’s no one and nothing to disturb you.

Curl up on your bed, get your Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Mario Puzo novel or Nick Joaquin works, and start to read. Or why not do blog hopping? As long as you have an internet access, you can browse a lot of blog sites worth reading. Visit Buzzfeed, Listverse, Cracked, Mashable, and your other personal favorites.

Remember, a reader can be a good writer in the future.

You can watch movies and series


Next to sleeping, movie or series marathon is my favorite thing to do at home. I do this all this time and sometimes skip a decent sleep (I know, I’m stubborn). I can’t help myself but focus my eyes and mind to the plot and twists of whatever’s on the screen.

I am a movie enthusiast and watching films at home is a must. I can’t let the month pass without supplementing my world with movies. I devote time for watching films. Aside from the big screen, home is the second place to do movie marathon.

So, if you have a spare time, spend time to watch some films. Try Tarantino’s or Nolan’s films. Or perhaps Miyazaki’s genius animated movies.

You can experiment on cooking


It’s a plus point that you can cook for your family. I think cooking is one of the things that we should know how to do for independency purposes as well. We should know how to take care of ourselves and avoid starvation.

Cooking could also save some money because you don’t need to buy pre-cooked meals which cost more. It’s a budget-friendly activity. It can also stir a spark of creativity because cooking allows you to experiment on ingredients, taste, and food presentation.

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We should teach ourselves how to cook for our own survival.

You can start doing house chores

mrs. doubtfire cleaning

Everybody should know how to do house chores. We also need to take care of our home the same way we focus on taking care of our body. There’s no point of being presentable and beautiful when your home looks like a sanitary landfill and everything is a mess.

Knowing how to do house chores is no gender base activity. Learn how to do the laundry, decorate the house, wash the dishes, and fix problems at home like short-circuit electricity fault. We shouldn’t be too lazy in taking care of our home. The same amount of energy for shopping and going out should be given on house chores.

Let me remind you that home is where you start building your character and personality. Don’t be an ass and spend some time at home.

So, do you have any favorite activities at home? Share your comments below!

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