Unwritten Social Rules Every Pinoy Must Follow When Commuting

Unwritten Social Rules Every Pinoy Must Follow When Commuting


Traffic is not the only reason commuting in Metro Manila is difficult. Most of the time, our fellow commuters are the ones who make our everyday travel unbearable. We can’t understand why these people, who have been taking the jeepney, FX, MRT, and public bus almost all their lives, still do not know anything about social conduct. They pay the same amount as we do, but they act like they own the public vehicle.

Nobody wants to be that annoying guy next to us in the jeepney or that obnoxious girl beside us on the train. They irritate other people, and they just look imprudent for not having any manners or common sense. To avoid being that person everyone hates, please follow these unwritten social rules when commuting in the Metro:

Always let people out before you enter

You won’t get a golden medal if you step inside the vehicle first. Actually, you will just earn a lot of smirks for causing traffic and delaying other people. Be patient. You’ll have your turn.


Stop pushing people

If you want to cause an accident, or worse, kill someone, then by all means push people when you are entering or exiting the public transportation. But if you don’t want to be in jail, then stop pushing.

Go far in, don’t block the passengers coming through

Don’t be insensitive. If you are blocking people with your bag or your body, move aside. Better yet, just go far inside and provide space for incoming passengers. The people in front of the MRT door or the passenger near the jeepney entrance with a huge luggage must seriously follow this rule.

Move to provide space for people to sit

This means, don’t cross your legs, don’t open your legs wide, don’t put your feet on the seat, don’t let your bags sit, and don’t be stupid. Your patay-malisya technique is selfish, so don’t do that too.


Give your seat to the old, the disabled, and the pregnant passengers

Fine, we excuse you for not letting that lady beside you in the bus sit. But please let old people, disabled people and pregnant women take a seat when commuting. The law says that public vehicles should “have designated seats for disabled persons.” So pay attention, you are probably stealing the seat assigned for them.

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Put your bag in front of you

This is not just about safety and security. It is also about the possibility of hitting someone without you knowing. Place your bags in front of you to avoid hitting others.

Tie your long hair

Thank you, but we already ate our breakfast. Even if we haven’t, your hair is not a palatable food to digest. So if you have a long hair and you are taking a jeep or an ordinary bus, tie your hair.


Pass other people’s fare

If only we could stretch our arms like what Lastikman does, we would just pass our fare and not disturb you from listening to music or day dreaming. But we are not superheroes. The real heroes are those who actually care about other people and help pass our pamasahe. Of course we offer them our heartfelt thank you.

Pass it yourself, if you can

Even if the act of passing other people’s pamasahe shows Filipino’s culture of pagtutulungan and pakikipag-kapwa tao, you should never obligate other passengers to pass your fare. If they do, say thank you; if they don’t and you can pass it on your own, then just do it.

Stop goofing around

We are happy people. But there is a time and place for everything. Bickering, goofing around, and laughing so hard is not advisable in public transportation. Mind your manners because you might be disturbing other people who prefer to travel in silence.


Say para, don’t knock

Just so you know, jeepney drivers hate it when you knock on their jeep. It is rude. It is like your boss telling you to do something by simply looking at your face. Don’t you have a mouth to properly say para? Don’t forget the po to show respect.

Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze

Mahirap magkasakit,” so please practice good hygiene and cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Not doing so is irresponsible because you might spread the disease and infect other people.

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Don’t spit

A moving jeepney plus a guy next to you spitting outside the window… we don’t have to master physics to figure what will happen. This is a highly uncivilized thing to do, and people who do this should be lectured on health and sanitation.

Commuters in MRT

Keep your hands to yourself

Personal space is not applicable for Pinoys who take the public vehicles daily. But it does not mean you can take whatever you want to take and touch whatever you want to touch. Sexual harassment and stealing are crimes punishable by the law, by the way. FB Screenshot

Wear deodorant or tawas please                                  

We hate the stench. Nothing more to say.

Guys, the rule of life, is simple: “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.” It is called the golden rule for a reason. If you still don’t get it, at least use your common sense and stop irritating other commuters.

What other rules can you add to this list? What’s your number one pet peeve when commuting?

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  • Mike Frianeza
    July 21, 2014

    Nice post. But as a writer, should avoid using the phrase "these people." It's offensive at many levels.

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