Running Guide For Busy Millennials

Running Guide For Busy Millennials

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Being physically fit is a must if you are to keep up with any demanding task that needs to be done day in and day out. However, not everyone is able to do so since their tight schedule prevents them from doing any physical activity, which of course, can be huge a problem. So what can a person do if they can’t do something to keep themselves in shape? Worry not because the answer you’re looking might be in the form of running.

Why running? Simple, because unlike a gym membership, you don’t need to pay a lot since you only have to invest on a good pair of running shoes and a track to run on and you’re all set! Running is definitely a cheap and a great alternative to a gym membership, but time constraints and similar reasons still pose as a problem. Or is it? Whether you’re training for your first marathon or just aiming to become physically fit, these few tips can help you work your way around your busy schedule. So what are you waiting for? Go out and break a sweat!

1.) Always bring your gear

It’s good if you’ll be able to bring your running gear to work especially if you have a shifting schedule. By doing so, you can suit up immediately once an opportunity to run presents itself. Also, you wouldn’t have any second thoughts about getting lenient to run if you’re already in your running gear and that definitely works on your favor since there’s no turning back.

2.) Plan your running schedule for the rest of the week

As much as possible, organize your running schedule before the start of the week so that you can train consistently. To do that, you must analyze your daily schedule first and find out which time of the day you’re free to run. You’ll make it easier for yourself if you manage to create a stable running schedule because you won’t stress yourself at figuring out when is the right time to go out and run.

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3.) Take what you can get

Sometimes, things do not go as planned even with an effective running schedule. There are some unexpected situations that will force you to deviate from your initial plan. Working overtime is a good example because it will prevent you from running as scheduled. Problems like these will happen very often, but don’t let that stop you. Remember, even 15-20 minutes of running is always better than not running at all, so go ahead and use every single second that you have.

4.) Exercise healthy habits

You have to think and do everything in a smart manner most especially when your personal fitness is concerned because one wrong move can make all your efforts go to waste. Developing healthier habits will do wonders for you because not only will you make a lot of progress towards your overall health, you can also avoid injuries as well. Getting enough hours of sleep and eating right are some of the things that will direct you to the right direction.

5.) Learn everything you can about running

If there’s one absolute truth about running, then it’s the fact that it never stops. Even when you’re on your rest days, you have to educate yourself about running because the more you know about it, the better results you’ll get which is certainly a plus. Besides, you wouldn’t want to get injured during one your runs. Having an injury will require you to undergo a physical therapy and will impede your daily functionalities. There are plenty of things that you can learn on your downtime such as the correct running form, breathing, stride, pace, etc. Improving your knowledge about running is an advantage indeed, but it won’t be of any use for you if you aren’t able to put it into practice. Always keep that in mind so that you’ll get the results you want.

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The most difficult thing about running is the starting period. But once you make it a habit and focus on sticking to your goals, it can easily be part of your routine.

Can you recommend other tips to make running a priority? How do you balance your fitness and career goals? Sound off below!

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** Author’s Bio: Jonathan Morante is lazy at heart, but that doesn’t stop him from doing what he loves such as running, occasional daydreaming and rocking out with his band, Theory of Force.

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