5 Rad Things Freshies Should Expect In College

5 Rad Things Freshies Should Expect In College

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So, another milestone has come to your life. Congratulations for surviving your high school years! And now, it’s time for you to get ready for C-O-L-L-E-G-E. Yes, you read it right. College is the last stop for you as a student, unless you decide on going to graduate school after. That is why you have to savor all the moments while you’re in college.

As a college freshman, everything will be new to you. You will be overwhelmed with a lot of things and at the same time, you will be culture shocked. But fret not as you can definitely deal with these things eventually. So, here are some of the awesome stuff to look forward to when you get to college for the first time:

1. Living away from home

If you happen to live far from your university, then you should probably consider living in a dorm or apartment. It is one way of proving to your parents that you can be independent. Some students would really want to live independently just because they’ll get to be free and do whatever they want. But, dorm living isn’t about not having your family, especially your parents, around, or just doing whatever you please because no one will scold you for staying up late or going home beyond the curfew. Rather, it’s all about knowing that you can stand on your own and learn things you didn’t know you can do.

Living in a dorm will teach you independence and you will be amazed on how you can survive it. Roommates will also play a great part in achieving your independence in college. So, you better get along well with them and living independently will surely be loads of fun and crazy with them around.

2. Flying high with school spirit

Nothing compares to the pride you feel about your university. You will always feel proud whenever your university brings honor to all of you. School spirit is not just about being excited. From the time you have decided to enroll in this university, until you finally passed and get the opportunity to enter it, that’s something to be proud of. You have done something for yourself and you need to take pride in that.

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Each university has its own traditions and practices. Whether you like it or not, you have to participate in all of them. As part of the university, you are always encouraged to participate in all the traditions your university have. You might dislike joining these traditions at first  but you will eventually realize that they’re fun too. There is nothing to be ashamed of whenever you have weird traditions or practices in your university, because the school body is with you all the way. And that’s what you call school spirit!

3. Learning from the most brilliant terror professors

Professors are big part of your college life. You will always see them every time you go to class. There are actually different kinds of professors you will meet in college. Some may put a mark in your heart, while others may teach you lessons you will forever remember. No matter how strict or cool your professors in college are, they will definitely have a place in your heart. You wouldn’t survive college without these professors who you would curse or back fight at times. Each professor you will encounter in college should be thanked for. Though they haven’t been so nice to you or may have shamed you in front of the class, you still have to be grateful for them. College life wouldn’t be complete without your most hated and loved professors.

4. Meeting newfound friends

Since the day you set foot on your university, you will gain new friends. Those friends you will meet in college will be a huge part of your life after college. That is why you have to be careful in choosing your friends and take time in knowing them deeper.

It is necessary to make friends with your classmates or other people in the university, so that you won’t feel alone. College life will be more bearable and fun with your friends. It wouldn’t be boring when you have your friends around who will keep you company and do crazy things together.

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5. Having a crush on campus hotties

Of course, you have to look forward to all the campus hotties in your university. In order for you to study well, you need an inspiration. (Yeah, right!) As early as your first day, you need to go “hottie hunting” already. (Oh, just kidding.) Definitely, you will find someone who will make your heart beat fast during your stay in the university. Still, it’s studies first before anything else. This is just to spice up your college life and to make it more interesting. You still have to prioritize your studies more than anything else. There is a need for you to concentrate on your classes and not with other things.

Leaving your comfort zone for college is one of the hardest yet best things that you can do to mature and be a real grown-up. College has a lot of things to offer and you can proudly say that this stage of your life will be one of the best if you make the most out of it. So don’t be afraid to take this challenge, just enjoy the ride and have fun.

What are you most looking forward to in college? Tell us in the comments!

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