How to Properly Reflect on Your Life – and Why It Is Important

How to Properly Reflect on Your Life – and Why It Is Important

Deep Thought

In every task we approach in study or at work, we’re encouraged to evaluate and assess what we did, why we did it and what our actions achieved. One place we don’t often do this unless we really decide to make a conscious effort is in the actual way we live our own lives. More often than not, we just let life happen without really taking note of what we’re doing and why.

Taking time to reflect and be introspective can be really valuable, though, especially in today’s society where we live life at full speed 99% of the time. It can be beneficial in a number of ways.

It alerts you to negative patterns

Do you do the same thing over and over – for example, do you keep going out with the wrong kind of person, or do you make snap decisions about your work that you live to regret? Recognizing any negative patterns in our life can be the first step to breaking those patterns. Sometimes these aren’t always easy for us to see for ourselves; we might need help to acknowledge that they are there.

A third party is often better at giving us these kinds of insights, so you might find that booking a medium reading might be useful when you begin a journey of self-reflection. Mediums can provide insights into events that have happened in a person’s life and help them to avoid repeating negative behaviours moving forward. For others, a chat with a good friend may be enough, or with someone whose judgment they trust.

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It keeps you focused on the bigger goals

The day to day of life may feel frustrating if you don’t have an overall vision. You need to know what you’re aiming at, otherwise life can quickly feel pointless. Use moments of self-reflection to remind yourself of the goals that you have and how what you’re doing right now will help you reach those targets. Keep a written note of your vision if you need to, and constantly remind yourself of it when times are tough. It will inspire you to be more positive.

Stress at Work

Reflection eases stress

There are lots of stress factors in life and some of them, such as traffic jams or the weather, are beyond our control. Reflection allows us to take a step back from feeling angry or frustrated about these things, and to understand that we need to adapt to these unfavorable conditions rather than rage against them. That energy should instead be focused on the things that we can have influence over.

It allows you to face fears

We all have challenges to overcome in life and we don’t always want to meet them head on. But through introspection, we can acknowledge what we fear doing and this will allow us to develop the tools to handle those fears. Recognizing what you’re afraid of – rejection or failure, for example, – is the first step to conquering that fear.

It helps us define what makes us happy

Through self-reflection we can begin to take note of what we are proud of, what lifts our spirits and what we have accomplished. Although this may feel self-congratulatory, don’t shy away of acknowledging your achievements. Take hold of the positive parts of your life and apply those experiences to future challenges that you take on.
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Through developing our self-awareness, we come to understand what makes us tick and what we really want in life. Inevitably, this will lead to change, which isn’t always comfortable and can be scary, because there’s often a fear of the unknown. But by spending just a few minutes each day reflecting, you may be compensated with increased happiness in life. That’s surely a deal worth taking!

Is reflecting an important part of life? Share your thoughts below!


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