Monday Mixtape: Loving OPM Still

Monday Mixtape: Loving OPM Still

OPM is well and alive, and it continues to serve new sound for the delight of our fellowmen. It may not sound like the ’90s, but it definitely set another standard for the Pinoy urban music. In our playlist, you can hear either beautifully combined instruments and digital mixes or poetically written lyrics with upbeat rhythm. All set for different mood and circumstances.

In this another edition of Monday Mixtape, we try to give you a variety of OPM flavor that may be part of your playlist. It’s a combination of alternative rock, instrumental, movie soundtrack, indie and feel good music. The current local independent music scene tries to reach us through their craft. These local bands are persistent to make Filipino music survive.

Enough of the introduction, let’s hear their music that will make your Monday easier to endure.

1. Peryodiko — Tayo Lang Ang May Alam

2. Jensen & the Flips — LoveChild

3. Masha — Your Shame

4. Kontra Tiempo — Underdogs

5. Lila Blanca — Ligaw


6. Benny Bunny Band — Dear Laarni


7. Ivan Theory — Mistakes

8. Cheats — Accident

9. Sud — Running

10. Dragonfly Collector — Timothy, My Own Timothy

11. The Geeks — Do You Too?

12. Soul_Brk — Dominique

13. We Are Imaginary — Sunny Where You Are

14. Autotelic — Balik

15. Tandems ’91 — First Dusk (A Similar Feeling)

16. Pastilan Dong — Bell Spell

17. Nights of Rizal — Tectonic

18. Flat ​Spell ​Revelry — Two Days Til Sunset

19. The Ransom Collective — Fools

20. tide/edit — Nicholas

21. Tarsius — Deathless Gods

So, any favorite local independent song? Share it with us!

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