An Open Letter To The Stranger I Fell In Love With

An Open Letter To The Stranger I Fell In Love With

500 days of summer

I don’t know if you’ll come across this letter and remember the day we first met.

You were the last person I called that afternoon, that afternoon where I had to accomplish my duties as a writer in the university paper. You did not know me, so you asked where I got your number.

I was ecstatic to know you agreed to meet me for an interview. I was ecstatic because I can finally finish my write-up. I was ecstatic because I know I did something right for the publication. But little did I know that I’ll be ecstatic in the end with reasons not mentioned above.

I spotted you looking through the glass windows across the corridor, fixing your ebony hair. I did not call you, and instead I waited for you to look my way. You were incredibly tall, and I was having second thoughts if I would approach you. The moment you turned, I gathered up my courage and walked towards you and blurted the first thing I had in my mind. I asked for your name, and shook your hand. You were quite hesitant and thoughts of you shying away poured in my head. You didn’t want me to record your voice during the interview, but in the end I reasoned my way out of that argument.

You opened the cafeteria door for me and you had me believed that there is still a gentleman in this world. You are the epitome of such manliness. When the real conversation started, I could not help but notice your beautiful smile and expressive eyes. You told me your dreams and I wished you good luck for the future. Your voice is something I have to mention. It’s quiet and calm. I wished that conversation never ended so I could remember the tone you have. I shook your hand for the last time and said my thanks and you told me you’ll be expecting the article. Up until now, I didn’t know if you actually read it.

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I just want you to know that sometimes I look away whenever you’re around to keep my heart from pumping so fast because it hurts. It hurts that my blood comes rushing from my heart to the different parts of my body, it hurts that I feel nervous when there are exactly no things to be nervous about, and it hurts that I’m starting to like you when in fact I shouldn’t.

I wanted to approach you and say some things but I didn’t have that same kind courage from the first day we met. My friends say I just need a little push. Well, I guess this is it.

It’s really nice that I have met you. You made me fall in love again. And maybe, it would be better if I haven’t met you at all because you broke my heart.

I just want you to know that a part of me wished that we can still meet again after graduation and I hope that your dream to enter the professional league can come true.

Love Always,


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Bianca Dakis is a teen at heart with an introvert-extrovert personality. She writes copies and works on skin care brands for a living. The idea to travel in Europe and take ootd shots sounds cool to her as of the moment. She blogs at Dear Readers.

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