Best Motorcycles to Navigate the City Traffic

Best Motorcycles to Navigate the City Traffic

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Travelling around the country can be very difficult. The traffic for one can already make you mad. Then there’s the pollution, the heat and the annoying people who constantly make your commute so difficult. If you want a way to get out of the road quick, then getting a motorcycle is your best option. These modes of transportation can easily navigate around the heavy traffic of the metro. And you will be surprised at how fast motorcycles can be.

You know you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great motorcycle, all you have to do is to buy an affordable motorcycle like, Honda and you’re all set. With their rugged construction, superior power and durable Honda bike parts , you know you’re getting a motorcycle that’ll keep up with your riding plans no matter your style. Check out these three 2017 beauties that show Honda can still deliver the goods:

Fury ABS

You’re guaranteed to turn heads when you pull up riding this chopper. With a quick gun of the throttle, the motorcycle’s four-stroke V-twin engine snarls to life putting others on notice that this isn’t a motorcycle for the timid. Five speeds, a shaft drive and a 9.2:1 compression ratio spring to life as you scream away from the intersection leaving those behind you wondering where you got that magnificent ride.


With this motorcycle, Honda declares that youth bikes don’t have to be weak. An air-cooled, four-stroke single-cylinder engine provides the manual/automatic clutch transmission with all the power needed for this bike to run with the big boys.

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Shadow Phantom

Your riding plans are big, and you need a bike that can keep up with your dreams, which is why Honda created the Shadow Phantom. The powerful V-twin two-cylinder four-stroke engine is liquid cooled and aided by a SOHC valve configuration for peak performance as you cruise down the highway. They might not see you coming on this Phantom, but you’re going to leave them in your shadow as you head for the horizon on this bike.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Any Bike Running Smooth

You don’t have to own the best motorcycle on the market to practice good maintenance. By practising regular maintenance you can ensure your bike is ready to go whenever the urge strikes you. This maintenance includes checking the motorcycle battery before long trips because your bike won’t fail you if you take care of it. Here are other tips to take care of your ride:

  • Check the tyre’s air pressure and it has cuts and holes.
  • Check engine oil and any possible leakage.
  • Regularly wash your bike
  • Tighten brakes if needed.
  • Visit motorcycle mechanic regularly.

Safety on the Road

Accidents can happen anytime and so to keep your drive safe, be sure that you are wearing proper gears. Never forget your helmet and be sure that it has a quality seal to make sure they are sturdy. Masks, gloves, and arm bands are also important to protect your skin from the sun. Alternatively, you can wear a jacket to prevent your skin from burning.

Motorcycles are an efficient way to use daily and they are easy to use, with these you do not have to take the MRT or jeep on your daily commute. Their small build is also perfect for driving through the busy streets of the Metro. So, take a look at the latest models of Honda or other motorcycle brands to start riding your own motorcycle today.

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Are you a motorcycle kind of person? What is your dream ride?

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