Monday Mixtape: Back to School Music

Monday Mixtape: Back to School Music

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It’s that time of the year again when students are just so thrilled to go back to school while others are not because that means the long vacation is over. I no longer attend school for years now, but I still remember the excitement, joy, and anticipation of most students as they’re about to start a new school year of their student life.

For freshies who are heading off to their first semester of college in the coming days, I wish you luck. Getting into college for the first time is quite worrisome because you are clueless on how your life will be at UNI. But hey, it’s college and you’ll definitely get enamored with college life and the life-changing experiences that will happen within your stay in Uni.

Some of you may be done with your back-to-school shopping, which is great, and just waiting for the class opening. As the day approaches, you suddenly feel differently. Whether you’re feeling ecstatic, optimistic, anxious, or you feel nothing at all as this school year starts, perhaps these back-to-school music will ease the stress and pressure that you’re experiencing right now. So sit back, relax, and listen to these wonderful school-themed songs and realize how happy it is to be student again.

1. ABC – The Jackson 5

2. Estudyante Blues – Freddie Aguilar

3. First day funk – Parokya ni Edgar

4. Sembreak – Eraserheads

5. Blue jeans – Apo Hiking Society

6. First day high – Kamikazee

7. Titser’s enemy no. 1 – Juan dela Cruz Band

8. Iskol Bukol -TVJ

9. Alumni Homecoming – Parokya ni Edgar

10. School of Rock – Jack Black

11. The freshmen – The Verve Pipe

12. Rock & Roll High School – The Ramones

13. Here’s to The Night – Eve 6

So, what’s your back to school playlist? Share it with us.

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