Little Things That Give the Biggest Joy

Little Things That Give the Biggest Joy


You don’t need to spend much time, effort and money to make yourself happy. It is always a matter of choice and perspective. You can always find happiness through the little things in your life everyday. Feeling good and inspired depends on how you see things in positive ways. Life is composed of little happy moments that you experience everyday. You may not see it as important as other things that bring you joy. You may sometimes ignore these little things coming your way. Well, this is the right time to look at these joyous moments in your life and appreciate them.

Here are some of the simple things that can put a smile on your face:

Having Quality Time With Your Family

The best thing that you can give is your time. It is very essential that you will create time for your family out of your busy day.

Take time to play with your kids, and have a movie marathon with your spouse. Play some video games with your siblings, or have a small talk with your parents over a cup of coffee in the morning. These things will surely delight you!

Buying Something For Your Parents

There is nothing that beats the joy of making our parents happy. Aside from giving them your time, you can also reward them with little gifts that make them smile. This will definitely bring joy to your heart.

Playing With The Kids

It is always a happy moment playing with the kids. It allows you to enjoy the time having no worries. These innocent people will make you realize that you don’t have to take life too seriously. Just have time to relax and play.

Helping Other People

You can always find fulfillment in reaching out to other people, especially those who are in need. Giving something that you have will remind you that you are so lucky to have things that other people are wishing for. It makes you appreciate every little thing God has given you.

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Worshiping God From The Heart

This is the moment when you can feel blissfully happy and secured especially in a time when you are seeking for guidance or if you have an answered prayer.

Spending Time With Friends

Out of your busy life, you cannot entertain every social gathering that your friends have. Just a simple dinner date with your barkada and bringing back all the times that you don’t want to do anything but to laugh out loud with all the corny jokes are enough to make you happy.

Comfortable Silence With The Person You Love

Sometimes, being with the person you love is enough to make you happy. Realizing that you have someone to be with you amid all the challenges that life will offer.

Unexpected Phone Call

A simple hi and hello over the phone from someone that you did not expect can sometimes complete your day. Most especially if this phone call comes the person that is so dear to you.

Drinking Coffee

Hello coffee lovers! I know that this simple thing will really make you happy. Drinking a cup of coffee in a day will make you relax. It can also be a companion when you want to think of things alone. Also, it won’t leave you when you want to stay awake late at night.

Eating Sweets

It can bring you joy especially at times when you’re overly stressed. Remember, stressed when spelled backwards is desserts. So, forget the diet and enjoy eating your chocolate, ice cream and cakes!

Having a Nice Gel Polish

Yes! Some people find happiness in things like this. Make yourself pretty, and that includes having a great polish for your nails counts. Working on your computer while looking at those cool colors can give you pleasure.

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Reading Books

Reading can bring you to different places and can increase your knowledge. Also, reading positive articles can help you have a positive day.

Baking and Cooking

These are perfect stress reliever for some. And sharing the fruits of your labor with your family and friends will bring you extra smile.

Looking at Old Photos

It is nice to go down the memory lane, and see yourself years before. It is also comforting to see how well you have grown, how much experiences you’ve gained, and how many great people you’ve met. Though some pictures can be cringe worthy, it is pretty funny to look at old photos. It is something to make you feel happy despite having a busy and stressful day.

It may not be true that all the best things in life are free. But those that can make you happy are within your reach and are not expensive. Practice appreciating these little joyous moments and make your life happier.

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