Lines Every Filipino Dad Says During an Argument

Lines Every Filipino Dad Says During an Argument

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A father is typically in charge to discipline the kids. He would do anything to instill good values to his children and make sure they grow properly. This leads to constant sermons and arguments between the children and the father. Of course, you as a curious and rebellious kid hates it.

If every argument against your father is turned in a Street Fighter-kind of arcade game, you’d always be at the losing end. Every lines he tells are huge strike against you, and you can’t do anything but take them blow by blow. Because no matter what you do, you know you will never win.

Here are the famous lines a Filipino dad always tell his kids during a sermon.

 “Pasok sa kanang tenga, labas sa kaliwa.”

During a sermon, this line always comes out, no matter what. We do listen to their pangaral, but admit it, we don’t often take it by heart.

“Papunta ka palang, pabalik na ako.”

With age comes wisdom. So, it is correct that they know more than you. They have been through a lot of mistakes and they don’t want you to experience the same pain. Just take their words for it and follow what they say.

“Mas marunong ka pa sa matanda.”

Dads can be close minded at times, especially when someone younger is correcting them. It undermines their superiority and they hate it. A subtle way of correcting is necessary to avoid further sermon. Or you can simply agree with him even if you know he is wrong.

“Kung ang lolo mo pa yan…”

… sinabit na ako patiwarik/ sinilid na ako sa sako/ pinaluhod na ako sa mungo/ pinalayas na ako sa bahay.” Punishments before were brutal and your father wants you to realize that he is being considerate of your wellness. Just pray he won’t be too mad to do what your lolo did.

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“Noong panahon namin…”

Stay up surfing the Internet until 12 am and you’ll hear him nag about his time when people are already asleep by 7 pm. Of course you know that during his time there was no internet yet, so it’s obvious why people sleep early. However never say “Noon yon” or you’ll hear the next line.

“Sumasagot ka pa.”

Don’t even try to explain or reason out with your father because when he is mad- he is MAD. He loses some sense, and he takes your response as a jab against his wisdom and authority. As he said, “mas marunong ka pa sa matanda.” It is best to keep mum and listen. Better yet, just say sorry.


“Damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” the saying goes. Whatever you do, you will hear something from your father. It makes you confused, but to be safe, answer only if being asked.

“Akin na ang sinturon!”

Kids’ automatic response is a wail so loud, everyone in the neighborhood can hear it. Once kids see the belt, they know they are in peril. Running is not an option because it will only make things worse.

“Paano kung mawala na kami sa mundo?”

This line is the ultimate argument ender. After all the shouts and the tears, it all boils to the fact that they care for you. They love you and they want to be sure that you’ll be safe on your own when they are not around anymore.

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Arguing with you father is a common thing for children, but to be honest most of this lines are true. And if you get hit, you probably deserved it.

I, for one, received countless of tirades and beatings from my father and I am glad that he did. Because I know that I will become a better person and he will never stop teaching me lessons even if it means he had to yell these famous lines.

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Do you agree? Share the lines your father tells you when he is mad.



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