Here’s To All the Single Moms

Here’s To All the Single Moms

erin brockovich

I am proud of you! Proud of you that you can bear all the responsibilities of being a parent to your child. It is not an easy task. Being a mom is no joke. I have my husband who always stays beside me to do all the things we need to do to become a good parent. But still, it is hard to live on our own. What more about being a single mom?

You have to go to work and leave your child to your parents or nanny so that you can earn money to support all his needs. I know it is not what you want. You want to stay beside your child all the time, so that you can protect him and take care of him every minute of your life. But being in that situation leave you with no choice. And I am so proud of you that you know you need to be strong to face that situation.

You are such an amazing person because you take away some of your happiness to give everything to your child. Your time to be with your friends, time to workout, time to watch movies–you know that those are less important than being with your child during your free time. I am happy that you know it is always your child who deserves to have all your time.

You are not buying dress or new shoes for yourself often. Because you are thinking that the money will be worth spending if it is for your child. You go to the mall to buy something for yourself, but you end up bringing home paper bags from children stores. You realize that afterwards, but you will just smile.

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Thank you! Thank you because you chose the right thing to do which is to take responsibility of your precious child. Thank you because you never get tired of working hard for him. Thank you because even when you want to travel or do something, it is always your child that is in your mind. Thanks because you choose to be strong and confident in facing everything. Thank you that you have your dignity and integrity with you in bringing up your child by yourself. I adore you for being such a great person. Raising him on your own is the bravest thing to do.

I want to congratulate you, because all those sacrifices are worth it. Years from now, your child will realize how amazing you are. Your child will give credits to everything you do. I know you will guide him to the right path. When the time comes that he can be on his own, I know that he will never leave you. I am sure that he will never choose to leave the person who sacrifices everything for him. And I am sure that he will be very proud of you, too!

Yes, it is frustrating and stressful to be in that situation. Cliché it may be, but I want to tell you that He won’t give you problems you can’t face and solve. And I am happy that you choose to be strong to face such challenge in your life. I am happy you chose to have him despite all the circumstances you are in.

We always have our choices. And I am always happy for those people who choose to do the right thing even when it means a lot of hardship and sacrifices in their lives. To all the single moms, my respect is with you all!

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** I dedicate this article to my best friends, Andie and DeeJae, who are both single moms. Keep in mind, that I am always proud of you both. That I always admire the two of you for being among the strongest and loving people in my life. We may not talk often, but the two of you will always in my heart. Thank you for working hard, here and abroad, to give everything to your children. I love you both!

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