Hard-Hitting Love Lessons from Old Cheesy Romantic Movies

Hard-Hitting Love Lessons from Old Cheesy Romantic Movies


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Cheesy romantic films are the best type of movies to watch during movie marathons. They are light, fun, interesting and easy to discern. Plus, they don’t make your brain hurt, like what happens whenever you watch a Francis Coppola or Guillermo del Toro film.

These movies have a superficial view on romance and life, thus almost everyone doesn’t take them seriously. But if you watch a wide array of mushy movies during a very long vacation, you’ll realize that these shallow stories actually offer hard-hitting realizations about love. Here are some of them:

Love comes in the least expected time.

Who knows that the varsity player will fall in love with the school geek? Who knows that a multimillionaire playboy will actually fall in love with a hooker? You don’t seek love, love finds you. And when it comes, you are always not ready for it. Just imagine the dilemma of Annie Reed of Sleepless in Seattle, when she discerns her love for Sam Baldwin, a guy he haven’t met, despite being engaged to his long time partner.

A third party is often the root of a failing relationship.

If your partner asked for a breakup, there is a huge chance that a third party is involved — either he is starting to fall in love with someone, or he is cheating on you. At least, that is what the movies portray. The lead stars are in a relationship, then meet each other and fall in love. Sure, their previous relationships are already on the rocks but it is just weird how movies like Serendipity and You’ve Got Mail, tackle infidelity like there is nothing wrong with it.

Physical appearance is important in finding love.

Marissa Ventura of Maid in Manhattan says, “Come on, who’s kidding who here? Do you think you would have taken a second look at me if you knew I was the maid?” Physical appearance plays a vital role on how your romance life will turn out. Take care of yourself so that when your one true love comes, he will easily notice you.

You can fall in love without even seeing the person in real life.

Who says you have to go on a date to fall in love? Apparently, movies prove that you can find a person attractive through letters, email, radio talk show, and other forms of communication. It might sound creepy, but these things actually happen in real life.

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Love can make you brave or stupid.

Angel Seth gave up his wings to be able to be with Dr. Maggie Rice in the City of Angels; Robbie Hart calls off his wedding, chase Julia Sullivan, and sing for her in front of many passengers in the Wedding Singer; and Kate McKay left his comfortable life, to live with a Leopold in the 20th century in the movie Kate and Leopold. Clearly, the brain does not work properly when you are in love and this is why you do things you thought you could never do.

A false identity is romantic in movies but scary in real life.

Chasing Liberty, Maid in Manhattan, Never Been Kissed — it seems one of the formulas to a successful commercial romance film is false identity. Stories like these give a whimsical feel. But isn’t it scary? What if this happens to you? The person you thought you knew is actually a different person in real life. Will you forgive him just like the leads of many rom-com movies?

You don’t always get the person you love.

In My Best friend’s Wedding, Julianne Potter took desperate measures to stop the wedding of his best friend, whom she realize she loves so much. But she later surrendered after realizing that her best friend loves his fiance more than her. Remember, love should be mutual. So, there is no use to keep fighting for someone if the person does not reciprocate the feeling.

A heartbreak will not kill you.

A heartbreak hurts but it will not kill you (unless you commit suicide). Just imagine the supporting characters of many romantic movies that were left by the lead characters. They turned out well and accepted the fact that they are not meant for each other. You’ll eventually move on, and find someone better.

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Cupid can be a troll.

Romantic movies can sometimes troll you to believe that a movie will have a happy ending. That is until the lead dies, in some dramatic way, like in Titanic, A Walk to Remember and City of Angels. Watching these movies will make you feel betrayed, but you’ll eventually realize how eternal love can be.

You can argue that movies are supposed to be unrealistic, since they are meant to be an escape to the harsh realities of life, but it does not mean that it can never happen in reality. So in a way, the realizations you can learn from watching cheesy romantic movies can be useful in the future. For now, let these lessons give you a different perspective on love, and have something to think about.

Do you enjoy watching cheesy romantic movies? What are your favorites?

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