Fresh Grads: Who Has the Highest Chance of Getting Hired?

Fresh Grads: Who Has the Highest Chance of Getting Hired?

Congratulations to all the future professionals!

Bright future awaits the fresh graduates of 2016, because according to the result of the recent Fresh Graduate Survey conducted by JobStreet.com, eight out of 10 companies consider hiring fresh graduates to fill the vacancies in their company.

Based on the job-hunting website’s database, the entry salary for fresh graduates increased by 9% from 2014. Fresh graduates from IT-Related courses have the chance to receive an average of P22,500 for their starting salary if they will land a job in an IT-related industry.

Here are the  top 10 highest compensated jobs for fresh graduates according to JobStreet.com’s Fresh Graduate Salary Report 2016.

top starting salaries for fresh graduates

Always keep in mind that fresh graduates should be realistic with their asking salary, because it is not just about their specialty but also their capability to perform well.

Call Center/IT-Enabled Services/BPO are the top industries that offers most number of jobs for fresh graduates. The photo below presents the Top 10 Industries offering the most number of jobs for fresh graduates.

most number of jobs for fresh grads

However, fresh graduates should not be comfortable with these statistics because the market is getting more competitive. The number of graduates is still higher than the number of available jobs. Also, this survey is based solely on the companies that work with Jobstreet.com.

The survey also stated that six out of 10 companies give importance to the alma mater of applicants in hiring them. Among the 551 respondents who answered the survey, results showed that Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) was the top school to get hired by the companies. Here are some reasons why they prefer fresh graduates from PUP.

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Here’s what companies like about PUP graduates:

  1. Hard-working and can go extra mile to accomplish a task.
  2. Don’t complain a lot and never give up on the job responsibilities.
  3. Eager to learn and have the genuine drive to uplift their lives.

But of course, these are not just the things companies look at when reviewing applicants. In general, companies also consider the behavior and function of every applicant that they’re hiring.

If you’re not from PUP, worry not because it’s far from the end of the world. It turns out that your university is not always the first thing companies consider during the application period.

These are the factors companies consider when screening applicants:

  1. Internships / OJT
  2. Extra-curricular activities
  3. Part-time jobs
  4. Grades
  5. School

Don’t be constricted with the skills you learned in school or the lessons you got from the classroom. Absorb everything you can, and expand your skills beyond what you curriculum offers. As JobStreet.com Philippines country manager, Mr. Philip Gioca puts it, in a choice between a brilliant salesman and a competent salesman with a Google Adwords certificate, the latter is the winner, just for the fact that his extra skill can come in handy.

So on your journey to finding a job, highlight not just your school, but your extra-curricular activities, competitive skillset, and internship as well.

Always do your best and show the world that you are hungry for learning and success. Good luck!

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  • Kimpoy
    March 21, 2016

    I know someone who is a graduate of PUP and she is the opposite of your description. WAHAHAHAHA. Her name rhymes with pinky. ^_^

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