7 Fictional Schools That Are Cooler than the Real Ones

7 Fictional Schools That Are Cooler than the Real Ones

Are you the student who sits near the window and look far outside, waiting for the school bell to ring? Do you wish you were somewhere else instead of sitting in your class, acting like you’re listening to a boring class?

We feel you. There are just moments in a student’s life when your mind just wanders off instead of listening to your teacher. Often, it starts during the Math period. For others, the Science period.

We don’t know why this happens, but what we know is that in the fictional world, there are plenty of schools that offer better  and far more exciting lessons. You’ll never get bored and never skip classes. Here are the best fictional schools, we wish actually existed:


Harry Potter


(Photo credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Potions, Defense Against Dark Arts, Magical Creatures, and Charms—these are just some of the many lessons you can take in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Home to Harry Potter and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, you’ll meet a lot of interesting students (and creatures) in this school. You get a chance to be sorted into one of the four prestigious houses, and play Quiiditch while riding on flying broomsticks. Unless there’s a Death Eater nearby, the magic school is safe for anyone.

Ninja Academy



(Photo credit: Naruto.wikia.com)

If magic is not your thing, maybe channeling inner chakra is your calling. Attend the Ninja Academy, built in the village of Konoha. This school teaches basic jutsu techniques to prepare ninjas for battle. In this school, you will never get bored, because getting bored means getting killed by a sharp kunai. Warning: enroll at your own risk!

Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters



(Photo credit: Project-m.wikia.com)

The school is built to help mutant accept their nature and harness their powers. If you are a mutant, you are welcome in this school, where teachers like Wolverine and Professor X are present to guide you. Superpowers are dangerous, hence, the deadly training sessions in this school. If you don’t posses the talents to be part of this institute, we think it is time for you to dip into a radioactive material.

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Battle School

Ender’s Game


(Photo credit: Summit Entertainment)

Battle School is a sophisticated military installation orbiting Earth. Amid bright stars and colorful galaxies, this school trains young kids to be the toughest and wisest soldier to fight buggers, the alien enemies. Playing laser guns in a large micro gravity battlefield is the best part of the school. Although there are classroom lectures, it is often about battle tactics and enemy analysis, which are less boring than plain numbers and formulas. Take this class, and who knows, you might be the next Ender Wiggin.

Monsters University

Monsters University


(Photo credit: Pixar Animation Studios)

The best thing about this school is the you don’t have to the brightest student to top the class. Just act scary and you’ll graduate in no time. Despite the purpose of this school, students here are surprisingly endearing. They have to do a tougher job to scare you away from enrolling at this school.

Death Weapon Meister Academy

Soul Eater


(Photo credit:Bones Studio)

In Soul Eater universe, there are evil beings who feed on the souls of innocent people. To protect the world against these monsters, The Death built Death Weapon Meister Academy. Here, meisters and weapons and trained to fight the evil. The school is so lavish, you won’t think of leaving. That is until you find out that Kishin, the evil sealed underneath your school, is about to arise and destroy the world.

Momogaoka College of Music

Nodame Cantabile


(Photo credit: Fuji TV)

Every student here knows how to play musical instruments. If you don’t know how to play atleast a triangle, you have to think twice in getting in. But if you are like Nodame who is lazy to learn reading notes, but is gifted to play any kind of music by ear, then you are welcome to enroll. Pray that the talented and handsome, Shinichi Chiaki is available to tutor you.

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There is no point in dwelling with fictional thoughts. but when you’re bored, these ideas come naturally.

We just hope that these schools are real. Because, it would be a blast to attend these learning institutions, meet new friends, and just spend time studying—yes, actual studying—not donning on the vacant stare like always in Match class.

Now snap back to reality, and focus on your real world class.

If you get to enroll at a fictional school, which school do you want to study and why? Share your thoughts below!

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