Millennials of Manila

Manillenials is an online magazine about the dreamers that belong in the digital generation currently living and working in Metro Manila. Within these pages you’ll find our attention span as we try to figure out where we want life to take us.


A combination of two words, Manillenials are young professionals who try to get by unscathed in the rather harsh realities of Metro Manila. We hail from different parts of the Philippines and try to escape to every corner of the archipelago as much as our weekends and vacation leaves will allow. On weekdays, you’ll find us wandering in the busy streets of the metro.


With our age ranging from the late teens to the mid thirties, our mission is to make the most of the quarter life crisis stage of our lives, one bad pun at a time.

Meet the Wide-Eyed Dreamers

Ayessa De La Peña

Ayessa is a total manang trapped in a 20-something’s body. She grew up in South Cotabato, studied college in Laguna, and moved to Metro Manila to follow her delusions of becoming a writer. When she’s not writing for this website, Ayessa tries to update her blog or works as a profesh fan girl for a teen magazine’s website.

Des Cambaliza

Des Cambaliza is a traveler, passionate nature lover, and entrepreneur. When she chose the username The Meanderer years ago, she didn’t know it would define her kind of travel – aimless but with an open mind.  When she’s not watching birds or backpacking, she’s taking photos and getting herself to write her stories. She loves coffee, good fiction, upcycling, and waking up to the day breaking.

Eunise Quintano

A Thomasian who has a deep passion in writing and does it for a living. She is a proud Kapampangan and fondly called as “Nase”. She loves coffee, food tripping, traveling, and reading. Nase still believes in the power of conventional handwritten letters over modern text messages. Visit Arbitrary Trappings and get to know her more.

Iris Unabia

An Asian Studies major, a certified Cebuana. Iris is simple girl that loves to listen to music (preferably American and Kpop songs), eat, travel, bake and cook. Watching Asian movies and Korean/US series is one of her pastime activities.

Jane Galvez

Jane is a full-blooded fangirl and a frustrated dancer writer from Laguna. She spends everyday daydreaming and wishing that she’s somewhere else exploring. She’s often conflicted between her dreams of traveling and spending time with her laptop. You can read her misadventures on her blog Oh My, Janey.

Jinky Tuliao

Jinky is a globe-trotting millennial and a true blue Ilocana who has so many frustrations and lifelong dreams. A self-confessed introvert at heart and also an easy-going individual who loves to chill, eat, read and travel. A few of her obsessions are watching series/movies, playing badminton, and fangirling.

Joycy Regala

Joycy spent college finishing Bachelor of Science in IT in AdU. She is working on another industry she actually likes more. She is a foodie, caffeine addict, music junkie and animal lover. Also obsessed with beach, oxford commas, and word. Joycy wants to explore life by traveling and reading a lot.

Karen Gamit

Fondly calls herself Super K, Karen is a Manillenial who loves to travel, volunteer and shoot photos of landscapes and nature. She has this crazy dream of leaving the city to travel and volunteer full time. But while the odds are not yet in her favor, she would have to make do with vacation leaves and weekends to do what she really wants to do.

Kimpy Olivar

Kimpy Olivar is a dreamer. He dreams of being a writer, artist, dancer, teacher, scientist, billionaire, philanthropist and more. He loves to think that he is deep, funny and cool, but often it is the opposite. Given the chance, he would like to build a time machine to unveil the secrets of the world.

Marco Foronda

A film enthusiast who doesn’t write film reviews at all. A music fanatic who doesn’t know how to play any instruments and her voice’s really bad. Her problem is whether to sleep or travel. She’s in love with men who’s into arts – writing, painting, acting and alike – and looks rugged. You like to see her random antics? Visit I think. I say. I feel.

Ninay Soneja

Ninay Soneja is a loving wife to James and a responsible mom to Lourd. For her, family is everything next to God. She works in Makati for five years now. Ninay loves travelling, mountain climbing and island hopping. It is not her dream to be rich in money but to collect as much great experiences as she possibly can. Read her mind and enjoy her journey in life at MeetLourd.