A Month Later: FAQs and Whatnot


A Month Later: FAQs and Whatnot

Excuse us we get a bit excited. Though it’s just a month, we’re quite glad to see that we already reached this point!

I admit, there are times when it’s stressful and we run out of things to post. But through the power of brainstorming and coercing encouraging each other, we manage to push through our schedule and publish our posts. We’re still learning the ropes of this blogging thing, which is a bit silly to say since we blog and write articles for a living. But really, there are so many things we still don’t know.

For the past months, we’ve committed missteps and mistakes (in spelling and grammar, most definitely) and I thank everyone who’ve been patient with us. We still get a sense of excitement for every comment we receive. Though it’s a bit upsetting to read negative ones, every kind of comment is welcome. At least it tells us that we have so much room for growth. Sometimes I wonder if maybe we launched the site too early. Then I stop wondering because what’s the point?

I also want to thank everyone who’ve sent us emails! We were surprised because it’s still quite early and we’re getting mails. We enjoy reading them so keep ’em coming! I want to address some of the common questions asked our way.

Are you an organization?

We’re not! We’re just a group of friends who want to turn our office chikahan and tsismisan into something productive (do I hear a weh?). Though we were all officemates once upon a time, we’re branching out in different directions. So you can say this is our way to keep in touch once we finally spread our wings and lead different careers.

Can I be a contributor?

Not yet. Though we stated in our Contact page that we’re looking for contributors, we haven’t recruited anyone.

How can we submit articles?

We’ll definitely let you know once we’re ready. We’re still deciding when to start submissions but it’s certainly part of the plan. After all,  we have full-time jobs (and travel trips, too!), and there are weeks that we just have no time to write. We will post a notice here and on our Facebook page once we’re ready.

Though it can be a bit stressful at time, I really don’t mind at all. It’s fun to do something you love with the people you love. And I don’t even care if that sounds extremely cheesy. We have so much in store for you in the next coming weeks, so do keep supporting our site. In the meantime, you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

What are you favorite stories so far? What else do you wish to see in the site? Tell us in the comments!

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