Monday Mixtape: Boy Bands from More than a Decade Ago

Monday Mixtape: Boy Bands from More than a Decade Ago

Mixtape3 There are a lot of things to love about the ’90s like movies, TV shows, music, etc. But for me, what I love most about being born during the 90’s is that I witnessed the rise of some of the best boy bands. I have to admit that during my childhood days instead of watching some cartoons I preferred watching MTV and waiting for the songs of my favorite boy bands. Then, I bought albums of Backstreet Boys, N’Sync and Westlife, to be specific cassette tapes since CDs were too pricey that time. I bought it but I didn’t use it all the time since I was scared that it would be damaged when I overuse it. More than a decade has passed, but still, I never get tired listening to some of my 90’s favorite boy band. A nostalgic feeling that when I hear their songs even if I tend to forgot the artist, title and the lyrics, I make sure that while singing it along I can figure out who sang it. Just listening to their songs makes me remember things that I have done before and how addicted I am with them. I have a lot in mind, that is why it’s hard for me to pick just 15 artists and songs to share.

1. Westlife – Swear It Again

2. Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way

3. N’SYNC -Tearin’ Up My Heart

4. A1 – Like A Rose

5. Blue – All Rise

6. O-Town – All Or Nothing

7. Boyzone – No Matter What

8. Hanson – MMMBop

9. Moffatts – Miss You Like Crazy

10. 98 Degrees – Invisible Man

11. All-for-One – I Swear

12. Boyz II Men – End of the Road

13. New Kids on the Block – Step by Step

14. BBMak – Back Here

15. LFO – Girl on TV

Are your favorite boy bands part of the list? Share your favorite 90’s boy band and their song!

(Photo credit: Kimpy Olivar)


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