8 Things to Change in Your Eating Lifestyle Now

8 Things to Change in Your Eating Lifestyle Now

The terms “healthy lifestyle” and “organic” do not belong to a fad. They are concepts we must incorporate in our lifestyle now. And to do that, here are eight (8) things to start changing.

1. Letting ads take over your purchase decision

Ads are tricky, sometimes, aggressive because competition is tough. “Drink Coke Everyday.” Really? If you want to be diabetic before you’re even 40, go ahead. You need to be the one to control what kind of food you eat. This includes knowing what’s good for you.

2. Taking too much of anything

You already know this. But did you know that even the good stuff taken in excess isn’t good for you?



3. Missing meals to shed pounds

You’ve heard this before, I’m gonna say it again. Missing meals will never work. Unless you want to have ulcer. Mind you, it’s real.

When I got kidney infection, meat and salty food were banned from my diet. Banned! My meals were composed of, well, the nutritious stuff. The results were five pounds in a week and a collection of yummy veggie recipes that I still prepare today. I also got better faster than hoped.

Stick to the healthy stuff, minus the excessive carbs, plus exercise and the pounds will be shed. Yes.

4. Not drinking enough water

Most articles on health tips list drinking enough water daily because it couldn’t have been stressed enough. Drink at least 10 glasses a day, more if you engage in physical activities. You can avoid common ailments if you do.


5. Eating at fastfoods

Four reasons: MSG, GMO’s, calories, and they’re not really cheap, you know.

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6. Considering packaging and promotions instead of the nutritional facts

Yes, Ann Curtis said it’s good for you and Kris Aquino swore by it. If it’s really good, the only proof you need is the back label. How much sugar? Trans fat? Ditch products with ingredients you can’t pronounce and have numbers on them. Usually these are products with a bloated ingredients list.

In addition, many ads today claim that their products are “natural” because people are starting to be conscious about it. But for good measure, make the habit of looking at the label. The label lists ingredients according to how much each ingredient is found in the product. Say, your “orange juice” lists water first then sugar and “orange” is found in the middle of the list. It means you’re really just drinking sugary water, artificially flavored orange.

Junk Food

7. Skipping veggies, fruits, and fiber

Two things are common about them. First, they’re good for you. Second, they’re the most overlooked foods. I’ve heard many people calling vegetable “not real food.” If you’re among them, you’re not just missing nutrition but also the kind of satisfaction that meat can never provide.

Hating vegetable is just a mindset. Just eat them. Veggies don’t have to be boring and bland; they can be prepared in a variety of ways. As for fruits and the whole wheat stuff, you’ll find them enticing if you prepare them for dessert.

8. Eating whatever, because y.o.l.o.

Those who have unhealthy lifestyle seem to me to be health-conscious after all. They always argue diseases will come but now, I enjoy. Though these diseases you hear on TV or from relatives look far-fetched, they are real. They don’t just happen. They are determined by your lifestyle, environment, and sorry to say, genes.

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To seek healthier alternatives require more than just listening to others. You also need to do your own research to know what’s good for you. Create a lifestyle out of it then you don’t need to think about diseases.

A healthier lifestyle does not mean vegetarian or meatless meals. You can look at it this way: Eat healthy so you can ease your restriction once in a while. Now that should be a better representation of y.o.l.o.

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Are you guilty of these eating habits? What will you be changing today?

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