6 Affordable Gifts You Can Give on Mother’s Day

6 Affordable Gifts You Can Give on Mother’s Day

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It’s that time of the year again! I know that everyday is always a special day to celebrate all the sacrifices and love of our mothers. But since the world have given them the day to make it an extra special day, let’s celebrate it with all the wonderful moms in the world!

When you ask your mom what she likes to receive this Sunday, I know that the common answer will be “Bahala ka na” or “Kahit wag na, ‘nak.” That is because moms are really non-materialistic people. They would rather choose to give than to receive. Moms are always the people who like to buy things for their children. It is like a duty to them, a responsibility that they love to do. So, when you are thinking to give something to your mom, make sure that it is extra special. Make sure that this gift is something that they can use.

When you give something to a person that is so dear to you. You will make sure that this gift is exceptional, too. I am not saying of an expensive gift, because you can always make a memorable gift that is affordable. What matters most is that it came from the bottom of your heart. Show that you really made an effort for this gift.

Here are some gift ideas that you can give to your mom this Mother’s day:

1. Flowers

It may be a cliché to give flowers to our mothers. But I assure you, they would love it. It makes them feel younger and more loved. Giving flowers to your mothers is like saying that their beauty never fades. Give them this gift that came from mother nature and they will appreciate it.

2. Photo Book

Moms are sentimental people. They love collecting photos as souvenirs and memorabilia. They are always the ones who manage our photo albums at home. And since we are now in a digital world, make an effort to lay-out some of your mom’s photos and give her a photo book! She will surely treasure that gift!

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3. Scrapbook

Let your creative juices work with this gift. Yes, it may eat a lot of your time, but hey, it is for your mommy! If you exert an effort and time in making a gift for your mother, she will love it more and will treasure it forever. The best thing that we can give is time, and allotting time to do your present aside from being so busy at work means a lot to her.

4. Letter/Card

A personal touch will surely make our moms happy! You may think that letter is already an old-fashioned gift but this is surely one of the best. If you can’t say how much you love your mom personally, how much you are glad that she is your mom, then, make a letter for her. Say everything you want to say. It can be a great testimony that mom would love to keep.

5. Basket of Fruits

You want your mom to stay healthy and strong. A basket of fruits is such an ideal gift for her. And I am sure that she will share it to your family members, too.

6. Wrist Watch

If you really don’t have time to prepare for a gift, why not give her a watch? It is very useful to all mothers. Mothers are always particular of the time. And having a good wrist watch is beneficial to them. They can always check the time without looking at the wall clock. If you have a budget, give her a water resistant or waterproof watch so that she can still wear it even if she needs to do some household chores.

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Mother is one of the greatest gifts from above. It is not enough to give them just one special day. So make sure that this Sunday you will show how much you love them. A simple gift of appreciation means a lot to a mother. But of course, always keep in mind that love, time, and caring are the most important gifts that we can give to all mothers.

We hope this list can help you choose a gift for her!

Do you have other ideas of what can be the perfect Mother’s Day gift?

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