15 Truths Only the Punny Ones Know Too Well


15 Truths Only the Punny Ones Know Too Well

In every group of friends, there’s one who’s designated to deliver the laughs, even a forced one. There’s the friend who manages to make a serious talk into a silly one by saying puns and inserting unrelated jokes.

If you’re that friend, then this one’s for you.

1. You cannot have a conversation with anyone without making a pun.

siriuslyImage source: Giphy

You can turn a conversation about potatoes the highlight of anyone’s day, your day.

2. You’re the first to laugh at your own jokes.

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Because you’re so darn funny, that’s why.

3. Even when sometimes, you’re the only who laughs.

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Some people just can’t appreciate a good pun when they hear one.

4. You’re excited to share a new joke to everyone.

lovie poe jokeImage credit: Wansapunatym

Because goods puns are meant to be shared and passed around. Or turned into a meme.

5. People ask you if you have a new joke all the time.

who hadn't heard of my knock knock jokesImage credit: Giphy

Of course you have one!

6. But they try not to laugh at your jokes.

Ryan GoslingImage credit: Giphy

Even when it’s really funny. Those traitors.

7. It’s almost a shame when someone tells you a knock knock joke because 9 out of 10 times you already heard it.

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You try to be nice and let them reach the punch line.

8. Whenever you hear a really good joke, you’re frustrated that you didn’t think of it first.

that is cleverImage credit: Tumblr

It’s all good, though, because you’ll just find someone to tell it to.

9. You know think in puns.

ellenImage credit: Giphy

And proud of it.

10. You feel #blessed when you meet someone who has the same humor.

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Finally, there’s someone who gets you (and your jokes).

11. You feel horrified when someone says a good joke but delivers it horribly.

8c6373fee60cf636f63924495399263fe1880cbb94f6be40fbeea1c132afe0faImage credit: Quickmeme.com

Such a waste!

12. The worst is when someone makes you explain your joke.

giphy-2Image credit: Giphy

Please don’t make me do it.

13. Majority of the people you follow on Twitter and pages you like on Facebook are about corny puns.

Mushroom Pepper Steak PunImage credit: Halika Murakami

And you firmly believe that they’re the ones who deserve internet fame.

14. Nobody can stop you from delivering a joke.

bad punsImage credit: Anime Addict

No matter how bad it is.

15. You feel like crying when everyone genuinely laughs at your joke.

standing ovationImage credit: Giphy

And then spread it around. #YAAAAAAAAS

Despite everyone’s complaints, we know we’ll keep dishing out the awfully good jokes.

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